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Kundiman Mountain West is a regional chapter of Kundiman, and We Write Las Vegas (WeWrite!) started as a local affiliate. We host salons and workshops in the Las Vegas area.

Based in New York City, Kundiman creates an affirming and rigorous space where Asian American writers can explore, through art, the unique challenges that face the new and ever changing diaspora. Similarly, at WeWrite!, we see the arts as a tool of empowerment, education and liberation. We proactively address the legacy we will leave for our future.

From our Writers...

"I had a blast with WeWrite! It totally boosted my descriptive skills. The class setting was awesome, and those exercises about writing in the Wetlands Park environment really made my writing pop with details."

“I’ve never attended a writing workshop before, but Sheila and JM’s We Write!/Kundiman class was both fun and inspirational! Looking forward to the next one!”

Brian A. 

"DJ BStang"

"I attended my first ever creative writing class at Wetlands Park with Sheila and JM.  I had the best experience and can’t wait for their next event!"


Raquel A.

DJ Wives LV

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Brian WeWrite.png
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